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HELPing First Responders since 2014


The HELP Network is a peer support group exclusively for First Responders including Police, Fire, Paramedics, Corrections, Military and other Emergency Services personnel.

The group meets bi-weekly in the evening on Tuesdays in a non-medical private setting for 2 hours from 6:30-8:30pm.

 The structure of this peer support group allows input, insight and emotional support of peers who share the realities of being a First Responder. The information shared by participants is confidential with the exception of members who may pose a direct threat to themselves or others. No documentation will be made of the information shared. A Professional therapist can be made available to help provide consultation and education on issues that arise in the group and to help provide further referrals for professional services for members requesting such referrals. Members themselves as peers will share their experiences, struggles they may have had with various aspects of jobs from the routine exposure to trauma, work stress, the politics of organizational dynamics and structure that have impacted them in their work, their lives, in their marriage or families, and ways that they have found to cope with these issues and ways they may have tried to cope that have not been so successful, such as substance use, avoidance, or anger outbursts.


The power of peer group support is that members quickly realize that they are not alone in their experiences or struggles with the issues they face. They can get honest feedback from others who share their experiences and have learned lessons along the way from which they can offer insight or suggestions for coping. Talking to peers allows members to open up more honestly about their experiences and not feel that they have to explain the life of a First Responder before being understood. They can get right to the heart of the issue or struggle for which they are seeking support.

The group membership will be open to First Responders and civilian personnel from various local services. Attendance will be voluntary and on an as needed and as can attend basis. Attendance is expected to vary by member with some coming regularly with others attending less frequently. The timeframe for attendance is also open and may be for a few weeks or months or may extend for much longer. Frequency, timing, and duration of attendance as well as what is shared is determined solely by each member for themselves.